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I guess it's about time.

Now, whatever you read happened a long time ago, and I have learned my lesson. So if you're wondering if I'm ok, in this aspect, I am... In other areas, I guess I'm a work in progress. LOL. So yes Ma and Pa, just in case you get to read this, please don't worry because I know better now.

I decided to write this post because of everything that's been happening.. the Stanford Rape case, defense to cat calling, viral facebook posts. I swear, I should stop reading comments.

There's a facebook post going around about a girl being harassed by people she knew and even considered one of them as her friend. I don't know the whole story and I don't know the people involved, but as usual the thing that pisses me off are the comments.

1. You could have left the car (or other things that she should have done)
2. You were laughing in the video, how can you say they were harassing you? (there was an 8sec video inside the car where the victim was laughing)
3. She s…

And so it begins.

Oh hey! I moved out of the country. As much as I love the Philippines, I decided to try my luck down under. It wasn't planned or anything. I just tried my luck and with pressure from friends and proper preparation, here I am.

Seriously though, I do consider myself lucky for being given this opportunity. I was kind of hesitant at first because 1) It's scary and 2) IELTS.

But being able to come here is just half of the battle. Being able to live here is the next half (I guess? LOL). I'm currently in the process of job hunting. Hopefully I get one soon.

This change also made me realize a lot of things. Made me think about the things I thought I won't be able to do or accomplish. You see I'm a pessimist. There are a lot of things that I wanted to do that I don't think I can. My usual reason would be I'm too old, or I don't have enough time or worst... I'd rather sleep. But being here made me hopeful.

I want to travel, I want to dive (despite being scar…