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#TBT: Short Letters to Love Lost and Never Found

In line with the #TBT hashtag, my lack of old decent pictures, and my goal to update this blog often, here are throwback posts that features a series of my favorite, embarrassing, and memorable blog posts.

November 4, 2010

To the-one-who-got-away:

I miss the 1999 you. I miss the late night talks. Last time we saw each other (2009), I asked you if we really are still friends or as close as we were before or if we just went out for old time’s sake (you were leaving for another country 3 days after). You just laughed and called me “Baliw” (as you always do), but never really answered the question. You were good at avoiding questions. It was one of the things I learned from you. No matter how much we've both changed, I’ll always treasure what we had, or what we never had. You’ll always be my first love, my first heartbreak.

To my first-real-boyfriend: