Instagram Boyfriend

"Why don't you post pictures of us?"

"If I post photos of you, people would ask"


"Because I don't know what to tell them"


"Don't say anything, because I also don't know if I'm ready for your answer."

And we never talked about it ever.

12 weeks

I can't believe that the first quarter of this year is already ending! A lot has happened in 3 months and fortunately, the good things outweighs the bad. 2017 is proving to be better than what I have expected amidst bumps. So updates and lots of pictures.

I started to learn how to play the ukulele
Day 2. Still having a hard time using ukulele chords. Minsan guitar chords nagagamit ko. I also need to learn the other chords and different techniques. Sana di ako tamarin. Hahaha A post shared by Abi Corpus (@absilog) on Jan 17, 2017 at 4:39am PST
I reached week 12 of the Dogwood challenge! I think this is the longest I've reached in a photography challenge

Read one book a month!
A post shared by Abi Corpus (@absilog) on Feb 1, 2017 at 11:26pm PST Finally got to see the Banksy exhibit
A- fucking - Dele! Undeniably the largest concert I've been to
A post shared by Abi Corpus (@absilog) on Mar 18, 2017 at 10:22pm PDT
Got to visit Perth again to attend a friend's graduation and also m…


She had dreams where she can jump as high as she can. Sometimes as high as the clouds. She can jump so high, but she can never fly. She has to come down at some point in time.

She had dreams where she is free falling from the sky, not knowing from where, not knowing where she'll land, just falling, falling, falling through the clouds. Doing nothing except wondering when and where she will land.

She had dreams where she is running away, not knowing from what. Running so fast that her leg hurts and she's having a hard time catching her breath. But not to the point that she can not run anymore.

The uncertainty in her dreams reflects in her real life. That's why sometimes she doesn't want to sleep, or stay awake.


"You see those stars? They say those are Thiazi's eyes"


"Father of Skadi, who is the step mom of Frey"

"Ah.. I don't know what you're talking about"

"There are other worlds out there, and I find it sad that we're just stuck here."



"I don't believe in other worlds. I think this IS it and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Bye Felicia!

It's actually hard to write about 2016. I guess we all know how 2016 really is. It wasn't that great tbh. But guess what, we survived. I guess that counts for something.

It was the year I stepped out of my comfort zone and I'm still adjusting. Being far from home isn't as easy as I thought it would be. I miss my cats, family and friends. Back home, I was never alone and lonely at the same time (or at least I can't remember the last time), but I felt it this year. Not to mention the passing of one of my favorite people, my Lolo. I was so scared of how 2016 was turning out to be that I was so paranoid, I thought that anything I do would turn out really bad. It's like the whole year was in mercury retrograde.

I don't know what is in store for me in 2017 but I hope it would be awesome. I mean the last 2 weeks of 2016 was actually better than what I have expected. I'm crossing my fingers that it continues to go up next year.

So how can I wrap up this year? W…

Late Night

We were supposed to watch a late night movie but your car won't start so we just stayed there. Instead of going back inside, we lost track of time discussing things that we never get tired of talking about and the topics that branches out of that, basically talking about everything and anything.  Before we knew it, the sun was almost rising and our throat's about to dry out.

"You always force me to do things that aren't part of the plan"

"You can always be firm in saying 'no'. But you're too easy to break."

"It's because I get to spend that time with you"

And that's when I realised that I love you. No, I actually already knew, but more of convinced myself to accept that I do love you. And I may regret it, but I did not say anything.

I just smiled and dozed to sleep.

John Turner

John Turner made us laugh.
He knows the right witty lines to say.
He brightens up your day with his quips and jokes.
He is loyal and would do anything to bring a smile to your face.
Life of the party, that is John Turner.

John Turner was lonely.
At night he has a hard time sleeping.
He worries a lot.
He worries if everyone is ok.
He worries if he had done anything wrong.
He wonders why despite all the laughter, he isn't happy.
He wonder what if he can't make us laugh anymore, would we still be there.

But heck, John Turner made us laugh.