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John Turner

John Turner made us laugh.
He knows the right witty lines to say.
He brightens up your day with his quips and jokes.
He is loyal and would do anything to bring a smile to your face.
Life of the party, that is John Turner.

John Turner was lonely.
At night he has a hard time sleeping.
He worries a lot.
He worries if everyone is ok.
He worries if he had done anything wrong.
He wonders why despite all the laughter, he isn't happy.
He wonder what if he can't make us laugh anymore, would we still be there.

But heck, John Turner made us laugh.


Two weeks ago, I went to Wellington to visit a friend and to regroup (although there were plans of going to NZ before, this was not that plan. I also booked it on my birthday, just to use the birthday gift excuse). No itinerary, except to eat and eat and eat and probably drink, because that's how life is supposed to be, amirite?

I was told that it would be rainy during the days that I'd be there (well.... maybe I was told that it would be effing cold and windy but I refused to listen), so I just bought enough "Spring" clothes (shorts and cotton shirts). And yup, I should have probably listened carefully. Tagos sa buto ang hangin beh. Ngatog buong katawan. It was indeed Windy Wellington.
As usual, 2016 being 2016, earthquake on my 2nd night, then strong gale (it was the first time I heard of gale, kala ko typo lang ng hale, haha), non-stop rain, and lots of aftershocks. Very exciting indeed. Good thing I had 10 days to spend.
So what to do when you're in Wellingto…


It's been a while since someone has apologized to me for making me feel awkward, for saying something out of line, for offending me, or for just simply unintentionally hurting me.

And this makes me think that my feelings are invalid.