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Single and Jobless

A photo posted by Abi Corpus (@absilog) on Aug 23, 2016 at 4:34pm PDT

By the title alone, it seems like I live a very pathetic life.

I lasted a month, but for 3 weeks in that month, I was questioning a lot of things. Did I make the right decision? Is this worth it? Am I a failure if I quit? What would happen to me? I wake up every morning forcing myself to be positive but end up questioning my choices before I go to sleep. There was a time where I was crying as soon as I left the building (but yeah, I was literally sick back then). The people were nice, the job was relatively ok, the pay was enough for basic necessities, I was doing well, but something was just off.

It just suddenly hit me, For the first time in my working years, the job and the working environment just wasn't for me.

This experience has a silver lining though. I realised that I need to stop settling for what is available, and look for what I really want. I mean I don't know what I really want, nobody totally …