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She had dreams where she can jump as high as she can. Sometimes as high as the clouds. She can jump so high, but she can never fly. She has to come down at some point in time.

She had dreams where she is free falling from the sky, not knowing from where, not knowing where she'll land, just falling, falling, falling through the clouds. Doing nothing except wondering when and where she will land.

She had dreams where she is running away, not knowing from what. Running so fast that her leg hurts and she's having a hard time catching her breath. But not to the point that she can not run anymore.

The uncertainty in her dreams reflects in her real life. That's why sometimes she doesn't want to sleep, or stay awake.


"You see those stars? They say those are Thiazi's eyes"


"Father of Skadi, who is the step mom of Frey"

"Ah.. I don't know what you're talking about"

"There are other worlds out there, and I find it sad that we're just stuck here."



"I don't believe in other worlds. I think this IS it and I wouldn't have it any other way."