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Body non-issues (well hopefully)

I love going to the beach. I love getting burnt by the sun with a beer on my hand and my friends around. But every single time, I get insecure of my body. I mean you feel people staring at you like you have no right to be there wearing that expensive 2-piece you bought on sale (because hello, plus size swimsuits aren't really that accessible), you see girls that are thin and have that perfect thigh-gap that the media has portrayed to be sexy, and you feel like you're offending people by wearing what you want.

Grandma's Little Girl

Grandma and I are very different, she is elegant, classy, and sophisticated while I’m a bit tomboyish, "malikot", and waaaay impatient, but I never felt that she loved me less. 
She is also old-fashioned, because duh, she’s my grandmother. I remember her buying me sunday dresses when I was young, and telling me that my skirt is too short when I was already in my early twenties (I just LOL'd). 

I spent my grade school days living with my grand parents. I believed that she was a hundred years old, until I realized that she never grows old for years (hey I was young and gullible and love boasting to my classmates that my grandmother is better than theirs, "wala kayo sa lola ko!"). I would sleep beside her when papa won't stop snoring and she wouldn't mind even if I ended up hoarding the blanket.