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Oslob-Dumaguete-Dauin-Apo Trip

So a few weeks ago, together with my loves, I went to another out of town trip. I really did not know what to expect since it was also my first time to go to these places and I'm with people I grew up with (meaning I know their parents and I know what would happen to me if something happens to them LOL).

Going back, it started with a impulsive plan with my cousins Claud and Lica. I invited Chesca to come along since she would be having her annual VL on the same dates. The itinerary was also finalized I think a month before the trip so that made it easier. The plan was overnight at Oslob, then 2 nights in Dauin.

From the airport, we straight to Oslob (through Sibulan Port). We stayed at Oslob Garden Stay Resort which was better than what I have expected. The staff and owner were friendly and easy to talk to. Also the view!