In Photos: Palawan Camping

Early last year I stumbled upon Palawan Camping's website while looking for my next trip. The website was simple and obviously not updated but still enough to entice me to try it out. Booked the trip last year with Chesca, and soon invited the usual suspects.

It did not disappoint. I rarely say I'm coming back to a place with conviction, but this one is different. I wanna go back. I want to spend more than 2 nights there. I love how warm the owners and the staff are. I love how exclusive the place feels despite being fully booked. I already miss everything about the place. The effort of going there was worth it.I would like to talk more about it, but I think sharing pictures is better.

Palawan 2015 Palawan 2015
Port Barton is 3-4 hours away from the airport
The travel was more than worth it <3
Palawan 2015
Of course, matching bags!
Palawan 2015
Waaaay better in person
Palawan 2015 Palawan 2015
Accommodations: The tent is big enough for four and high enough for us to stand inside.
At night, you can light your own bonfire in front of your tent

Palawan 2015 Palawan 2015 Palawan 2015
Meals: You can have breakfast by the beach.
The dinner, however, is the best meal the day. They also sell marshmallows, nom.
Snorkeling and island hopping are around 300-500 per head.Use of kayaks, masks, and use of "facilities" are free
Palawan 2015 Palawan 2015
You can kayak your way to the other island (where there's phone signal),
or to the other side of the island where there's a waterfall.
Palawan 2015 Palawan 2015
Trekking is required though. So to save energy, skip the kayak and visit the falls after snorkeling
Palawan 2015
The campsite also has a great view of the sunset. Best part of the day IMO.
Palawan 2015 Palawan 2015
More hearts!! <3 <3
Palawan 2015
The moon shined so bright that night.
Unfortunately we had to leave. But at least I know where to go when I get back :)

We also had the chance to stay at Puerto Princesa for a night and got to see the fireflies, try tamilok (loooved it!), and explore the city in a short period of time. One of the things I noticed were their signs indicating their local government projects, "This is where your taxes go" instead of the tarps that we are used to here in Manila.

Palawan 2015 Palawan 2015 Palawan 2015 Palawan 2015
Palawan 2015 Palawan 2015 Palawan 2015 Palawan 2015
Palawan 2015 Palawan 2015 Palawan 2015 Palawan 2015

Budget for this trip was around Php6,000-PhP7,000 per head for 4d/3n. Can be cheaper if you take the bus to and from Port Barton and just chill on the beach.

I really want to go back to Palawan. I would like to try the Tao Expedition probably soon, but I have to replenish my "travel fund" first.

If you've been to El Nido, Coron, and Puerto Princesa, try Port Barton, San Vicente. If I had money. I would have bought a lot there instantly. LOL.


  1. Told Joey I wanna Palawan but he was like "let's aim for something bigger."


  2. How much is the camping fee?

    Love the photos, by the way :)

    1. 1300 per day inclusive of meals :)

  3. lovely photos! I wanna go to palawan too, but my boyfriend and I are kind of broke lol so maybe some other time -_- huhu!

    1. Saving up for it would be worth it :)


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