Oslob-Dumaguete-Dauin-Apo Trip

So a few weeks ago, together with my loves, I went to another out of town trip. I really did not know what to expect since it was also my first time to go to these places and I'm with people I grew up with (meaning I know their parents and I know what would happen to me if something happens to them LOL).

Going back, it started with a impulsive plan with my cousins Claud and Lica. I invited Chesca to come along since she would be having her annual VL on the same dates. The itinerary was also finalized I think a month before the trip so that made it easier. The plan was overnight at Oslob, then 2 nights in Dauin.

From the airport, we straight to Oslob (through Sibulan Port). We stayed at Oslob Garden Stay Resort which was better than what I have expected. The staff and owner were friendly and easy to talk to. Also the view!

We were assigned in another room though because of miscommunication. We were supposed to avail two rooms, but was assigned a single room instead. I'm not complaining though because I love my roommates. We spent the first afternoon at Sumilon. Not the resort, just the sand bar. It's cheaper and the day trip to Blue Water is not worth it considering we only had how many hours to spare. We also bought our dinner from the "lungsod" (in Ilocano, I think, we refer to this as "bayan". Basically it's the town center). We actually had puso and inihaw for merienda but since it was cheap and also tastes great (also the resort's cook was sick so we had to buy dinner outside), we bought extra puso, inihaw and fried chicken for dinner.

The next day was spent with the whale sharks and Tumalog falls. Although swimming with the whale sharks is a memorable experience, it also made me a bit guilty. A lot has change since the whale sharks became a tourist attraction in Oslob, but seeing them still dependent on the locals somehow made me feel that something is wrong. Maybe next time I'll try to swim with the whale sharks at Donsol instead (hopefully).

After the whale sharks, we went to Tumalog falls. We had the falls all to ourselves when we arrived (perks of waking up early). They also built a dam so that visitors can now swim (I asked). The water was cold and also refreshing. It's not the usual falls that I'm used to since the water seems to trickle down instead of... fall. Heh. Overall, the tiring, inclined trek was worth it! I think you can rent a habal-habal to go to the falls instead of walking though. But I would rather you not miss the experience.

After the tiring morning, we checked out of the resort then went back to Dumaguete. Before heading to Dauin, we had lunch at Hayahay. It was a better experience than what I had at Lab-as the last time I was in Dumaguete. From there we headed to Liquid Dumaguete. We decided to stay in Dauin because it's between Dumaguete and Zamboanguita, giving us options depending on the weather. I fell in love with Liquid Dumaguete instantly! The place was so laid back, it's one of those places you wish you owned. The staff are also nice and pleasant. The other guests and dive instructors were also friendly and accommodating. Their rooms are cozy even if they're fan rooms (I can't say "just" fan rooms because BAMBOO FLOORS!), I had no problem sleeping. My only complaint is that the water costs 5 pesos per glass. LOL. I think I read Zoe explain somewhere (tripadvisor I think) why. I also don't advise these place for people who are scared of lizards and geckos (*wink* *wink*). But overall, Liquid gave us a reason not to continue with our planned Dumaguete city tour. Haha!


So we stayed there and had a relaxing night chilling in their lounge. We had to sleep early though (like 11PM early) because tomorrow, SEA TURTLES!!!!!!! I have a fascination with turtles. Only my close friends know why. LOL. So this was actually an exciting trip for all of us.

We rented a trike to Malatapay port and a boat to bring us to Apo Island. Good thing the water wasn't turbulent considering the rain. Better that when we arrived at Apo, the weather was better. You can opt to join the divers from Liquid, but there were no Apo trips during that day that's why we went on our own.

We hired a guide to show us where the sea turtles were. And OMG they were amazing! We saw around 4 or 5 I think. They were huge! Well obviously, but I just want you to sense my excitement. We also tried to see the corals far from the shore but the current was so strong we had to go back.

We asked our guide where we could have lunch and he referred us to one of the locals there instead of ordering from the restaurants there. She prepared chicken adobo (ONE WHOLE CHICKEN!!! LARGE NATIVE CHICKEN! I LOVE CHICKEN!!) for us. After lunch, we decided to leave earlier than planned because of the weather which was actually a good thing. Spent the last evening hanging out with the other guests at the resort, which was fun, and hopefully we kept them entertained.

Of course, we did not forget the Silvanas. A must try when in Dumaguete. We had our lunch there before heading to the airport.

It was a memorable trip with Lica, Claud, and Chesca. Made me more excited for our next adventures. <3 <3 <3.

*Photos are from our instagram accounts

So... TL;DR. Wish you skipped everything and went straight to here didn't you?

Here are the expenses and contact details if you're interested:

Christine of Oslob Garden Stay Resort - +639228111575
Tikyo for the boat to Sumilon sand bar - +639087700018 (But you can ask Christine to contact him for you)
Zoe of Liquid Dumaguete - info@liquiddumaguete.com

The expenses are for four people. You can go cheaper actually, but low EQ and tired mind and body made us opt for some comfort. Meals not included.

Day 1
Trike to Sibulan Port 120
Sibulan Port to Liloan 248
Bus to Oslob Garden Stay 120
Trike to Lungsod 32
Grocery 143
Jeep 40
Boat to Sumilon Sandbar 1600
Trike to Lungsod (Special) 200
Trike to Oslob Garden Stay 32
Day 2
Whale Shark Snorkeling 2000
Tumalog Falls 80
Transpo (c/o Oslob Garden Stay) 1000
Trike from lungsod to Resort (Special) 100
Oslob Garden Stay Accoms 1250
Tip 235
Bus to Liloan Port 100
Liloan port to Sibulan port 248
Trike to Hayahay 130
Hayahay to Liquid Dumaguete 200
Trike to Malatapay and back 500
Boat to Apo 2000
Lunch 740
Table 200
Snorkeling gears 1200
Guide 300
Day 4
Liquid 5800
Liquid Tip 350
Trike to Sans Rival 350
Tip for trike 50
Trike to Airport 120
Terminal Fee 400

Total 19888


  1. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Thanks for a very informative blog. I just have a question. Is Liquid a beach front property? If not, is there a beach nearby?

  2. Yup! It's a beach front property :)


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