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Time won't stand by forever if I know it's true and I've learned not to say never or else I'll seem the fool. 29 you'd think I'd know better living like a kid. When my lies may seem less than clever is when I fall for it

So it's the last day of my 20s. And like the Gin Blossoms' song, it was fast and I thought I'd knew better by the age of 29.

When You Fall in Love

For someone who hasn't been in a relationship for more than 4 years (or 5, I really don't remember), and does not even know what a real date feels like, I get to hear a looooot of love problems. I really don't get it, sometimes I fell that they just need someone to listen, but I can't help but give unsolicited advice, especially if it's the "kamot ulo" kind. I also realized that I always tell them the same things. So here I am to take note of those things. I will try to keep it short... if I can.
Love yourself first - I think this is a given. I don't think it needs any explanation.It takes two to make a relationship work - If your partner has given up, and has said/showed it time and time again. I don't see any reason why you should waste your time to make it work.Yes people change, but they have to want it for themselves - Never love a person for what the person can become. Never force a person to change. Be a better person because you want to an…