John Turner

John Turner made us laugh.
He knows the right witty lines to say.
He brightens up your day with his quips and jokes.
He is loyal and would do anything to bring a smile to your face.
Life of the party, that is John Turner.

I'm in no way related or know who Mr. John Turner Bamber is. I just saw this in one of the benches at Welli's botanical garden and it somehow reeled me in. I wish I knew Mr. Bamber. I wish I made him laugh.

John Turner was lonely.
At night he has a hard time sleeping.
He worries a lot.
He worries if everyone is ok.
He worries if he had done anything wrong.
He wonders why despite all the laughter, he isn't happy.
He wonder what if he can't make us laugh anymore, would we still be there.

But heck, John Turner made us laugh.


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