Victoria Victoria

It's officially 2 months and 5 days since I arrived here in Melbourne. My body is still getting used to it though (TMI: haven't had my period since April). So far so good. The housemates have been great. I know I went here alone, but I'm glad I have friends who can act as my support group. So yeah, I guess I'm not *that* brave. I do have my moments. I'm still not use to living without a job since I have been supporting myself ever since I've entered "the real world".

But the good thing is, there are a lot of things to discover. I guess living in the suburb makes going to the city an adventure. I still learn something new every time I go there. I had more dessert shakes in those 2 months than I had in the last year, also non fast-food burgers. Haha. It's a great place to take pictures too. I'm excited for sunnier weather because it has been gloomy most of the time (especially when I remember to bring my camera).

Anyway, here's some of my favorite places to take pictures. I want to go back to this places probably next season.

1. Melbourne CBD

2. National Gallery of Victoria

3. Great Ocean Road

4. State Library of Victoria

5. Dandenong Ranges

Plus all the interiors of the restaurants I've been to. I initially planned to be healthy when I went here. But good lawd the food culture is ahhhmaaziiing! I can start my career as a food blogger just by trying everything in Russell St. LOL.

Shameless plugging, you can see the rest of my pictures here:

Port Campbell


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