#TBT: Dear Future Boyfriend

In line with the #TBT hashtag, my lack of old decent pictures, and my goal to update this blog often, here are throwback posts that features a series of my favorite, embarrassing, and memorable blog posts.


Dear future boyfriend,

Today is Valentine’s Day and I’m spending the evening with Logan watching The Ultimate Fighter. You’ll get to meet him soon, and you would love him like I do.

Anyway, first of all, congratulations for making me love you despite being having (hopefully) one of these dealbreakers.

We may have met before, rode the same bus or jeep, watched the same movie, ate at the same restaurant, attended the same school, but never really gave each other the attention until the right time came.

We may have been introduced by friends, went out on double dates before we set out on our own, traveled a lot, kissed under the rain, watched concerts, and go on adventures.

We may have hated each other when we first met but finally eventually liked each other but was hesitant to admit it until one of us finally admitted what ever feelings.

Or maybe we’re just two bored people who loves to eat, drink, and talk.

Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure you swept me off my feet and made me smile *that* smile after a long long time. Let us spend everyday as if it’s Valentine’s Day.


Your future girlfriend

 I lost all my old blog posts (can't retrieve my back up :( ), and just found this on my feed. Posted this Feb 14, 2013. Still haven't found the person to give it to. LOL. I  can't find the deal breakers link but it's mostly the same deal breakers I have today (how they text, how they drink, vanity, etc).


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