I always make up scenarios and conversations in my head or stories that I know I'd never get to finish (or things I know I never have the courage to say or do). I have this dream of writing a book or at least conceptualize a romcom-ish story. Far fetched but who knows maybe one day... I could at least store them somewhere instead of replaying them in my mind. 


"Take me out on a date"


"It's just I haven't dated in a while and you seem to date a lot"

"Again. What??"

"You can say no if you don't want to."

"Sorry. I'm just not used to you being that straight forward."

"I guess you can consider it a social experiment?"

"... I'll pick you up at 10 tomorrow"

"10? Isn't that too late"

"No. Morning. Let's have brunch first and let's see what we can do. It's probably our last date anyway. So let's make use of the time"


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