BTW, I Love Food.

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food." -George Bernard Shaw

I'm a biiiig fan of food. I love food. I realized I feel the best when I'm eating something delicious. I love associating certain memories to certain tastes, and most of them are happy memories. If you are one of my usual food buddies, you would notice me slightly dancing in my seat when I really enjoy what I'm eating. Similar to these cuties, but only I'm in my thirties and it's not cute.

Whenever I travel, the top of my agenda is to try their local cuisine. I haven't traveled that much outside the Philippines, so I really don't have many options to choose from, but these are probably my favorite so far. Top 3 in no particular order (well probably the travel dates).

1. Thailand

I went to Bangkok way back in 2010. I've been a fan of thai food even before going to Thailand.

Pad Thai

My favorite story about thai food is that even if we were staying at a hotel, we just had to walk a few blocks to have decent authentic food. I love how they serve pad thai everywhere. I have tried other dishes in Bangkok, but I forgot what they're called. One of my favorite was in this stall in Chatuchak which served what I think is pork with innards in clear broth with rice. It's similar to bak kut teh or our bulalo but less salty. I hate the fact that I forgot its name. Therefore, I should go back and search for it. LOL. I think we barely ate in any restaurants, except for mall food courts.

2. Vietnam

I love soups. Whenever I order stews or noodles soup, I finished the soup first way before whatever the main ingredients were. I prefer clear broths and tomato based soups than the chowder type ones. Therefore, Vietnam was a soup heaven for me. The food there is Pho-ntastic! ... no? Ok. -_-

2015 Old Quarters, Hanoi

But seriously though, I think the food in Vietnam is the healthiest and cheapest I've had during my travels. They loooove them vegetables, the servings were huge, even the taste itself is healthy. I wish I could have ordered more.

One more thing I love about Vietnam, is the coffee!!! For someone who is very sensitive to caffeine, I love coffee. It took us how many hours to find the REAL Cafe Giang for their famous egg coffee. We got lost and went to one that was a bit far and learned that they don't serve egg coffee (but the owners were very helpful in finding the real one which was near from our hostel), almost gave up but we finally saw a small door with the sign. Finally!

2015 Old Quarters, Hanoi

I know it sounds weird, but meeeeeeeen it was love at first sip. I had to order another one (the iced one), and went back on another day just to have it again. It's a must try when in Vietnam.

3. Korea

Korean barbecue is everywhere in Manila. But there's more to korean food than samgyeopsal. Of course I learned about this the best way possible... korean variety shows! Food is not cheap in Korea. In fact, it's almost the same price as here. BUT the quality is better and there are more options.

A photo posted by Abi Corpus (@absilog) on

I did not hesitate thinking about the food expense while I was there since my main goal was to experience snow and their food (was actually aiming for grilled meat and authentic bibimbap, but there are waaay better options). I guess I'm really lucky in choosing what to eat, or the maybe weather made everything better. My favorite would probably be eel stew, snow crabs, pork bone soup we had while in Busan, and most of the street food I tried in Seoul. I wonder if they serve different set of street food during summer, because most of what I tried are served to raise your temperature to fight the cold.

Consolation would be Malaysia, because of their Roti Cobra which is made up by most of my favorite things.

Kota Kinabalu 2014

"We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly." -Anne Thomas
So there, I wish I was better in describing the taste and texture and all that, but for now you just have to trust me. LOL. Salads maybe good for your health, but experiencing a wide variety of food can also be good for the soul.


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