Eating My Feelings

I have always steered away from extreme feelings. Certain emotions that can make you feel vulnerable and act stupidly (basically all). But I recently just realized that you can't box up certain emotions because it will come back biting you in the back. Confuse you until you end up doing something even you can't explain.

I may say I don't like having feelings, but I do have them. It's a different story when we talk about on how I act on them.

I'm not saying that my actions are valid. Sometimes they aren't. I wouldn't tell people to act the same way I do. But it's done already. And honestly, right now I don't know what to do.

I would like to think that I have released all my emotions and feelings in this trip. Sang my heart out and ate my feelings. I doubt it though. It's still not clear, even to me, how I and what to feel. If it's actually good or bad. But I'm sure it does not taste like that big ass baked oyster.

Good thing, in the end, I'm ok.


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