The 100th

I am not a fan of reading subtitles. I know asian dramas/rom-com are way better than our local versions but blech subtitles. I blame it on my low EQ and short attention span. But I decided to try watching Running Man after a friend recommended it. And I was hooked.

It started as a 2 episode per week routine. Then ended up a daily habit, considering they have 200+ episodes. I also started browsing Running Man related tumblrs (I actually browsed one tumblr from start to finish which is around a hundred pages). And for the first time in my fangirling life, I'm considering reading fanfics.

Catching up on a series that is running for 5 years isn't that easy. I thought I would get tired of watching it after the 30th episode, but now I'm done with the 100th. Call me mababaw, but I consider it a milestone (since I don't do anything now except eat and sleep and wondering what to do with my life). I can't even finish a lot of the series I started but this one I intend to finish.

My brain is overwhelmed with information about the cast and the guests in this show. Imagine learning about korean terms, the show, guests, cast of a long running show in 2 months. I am amazed with their accomplishments and relationship with each other.

I can blab all day about them, and annoy you to hell, but I shall TRY to keep this post simple. So I'll just enumerate some of the things I love and learned from watching Running Man.

1. Ships. I'm still torn between SpartAce and the Monday Couple. In fact if Haha was still single, I'd probably include HaHyo in the mix.

I miss the Monday Couple moments because it seemed real for Gary and shows how gentle he really is, but I really feel there's something between Ji Hyo and KJK and they really match very well.

2. Leessang. I wasn't a fan of K-pop. Sure they're catchy and flashy but not my cup of tea. But I got to hear a lot from watching Running Man. So far my favorite is Leessang. Who knew that Korean hip-hop would suit my taste... even if I don't understand a thing.

I actually googled the translation of their lyrics and it made me see another side of Gary. Also reading their story, made me admire the duo even more.

3. Humor and production. I'm not used to smiling, or even laughing a lot, but since I watched this show I started to noticed how long I haven't laughed that day. I guess I have to be glad that at least I get to exercise my facial muscles. And their production? Bongga! I wonder how much each episode costs. Even with plain missions, crew pa lang, bonggang budget na.

4. Losing count of favorite episodes. And I'm just at the 100th. So far I love the Asian Dream Cup episode with Park Ji Sung (obvs a recent episode before the 100th), and the christmas special with their super powers. 

A bonus would be the couple races and where guests are stronger than KJK.

5. The relationship of the cast behind the scenes. I love how close they are and how much they spend time together outside taping. Also the fact that the guests are long time friends of the cast. Makes me wonder how showbiz works in Korea. Also these two <3

Episode 41 was heart breaking. I hope he comes back.

The list could go on but I have to start episode 102 (yes, I'm done with 101). I shall leave you this, because I love how 3 genres fit well together... and in korean.

Anyway, I'm so used to reading subtitles so I might give some of the K-dramas a try. Any suggestions?


  1. I tried to get into Koreanovelas but I just can't! I was reading the Wiki entries for Marimar, Maria Mercedes etc and I kind of wanna see if I can find episodes haha. I wasn't allowed to watch them when I was young kasi!


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