October Fever

And yes, it's that time of the year, where I max out all my credit cards, pretend I'm in my twenties, and wish for things that I probably don't need.

Last year, I bought Veronica (MBA) as a birthday gift, this year, I bought a Fujifilm x30. My previous trips made me realized how much I miss taking photographs and my DSLR is too heavy to carry around. It's also more than 5 years old, and a lot more reasons to convince myself to buy a new one. Heh.

October :)
Please don't mind the noise.
It was also fun to read tech and camera blogs again which I avoided for years months (like last Feb because Go Pro), to prevent myself for treating every month as October. Excited to use it for my upcoming trip.

Now on to the wishlist:

1. Zen Pencils Book - I'm a big fan of Zen Pencils. Most of the life decisions I've made recently are because of Gavin's cartoons. I wanted a print of some of my favorites in my room, but since I'm renting, that would have to wait. However, I'm so glad they're no compiled into a book. I suggest you try to go through his site and be inspired and motivated.

Image from zenpencils.com

2. Beauty and the Beast (The Original Broadway Musical Spectacular) Tickets - My friends would know how much I loooove Disney's Beauty and the Beast. A ticket to watch this broadway musical would be great! Or at least someone to accompany me. I'm willing to pay for Price Zone 6-4. "THERE MUST BE MORE THAN THIS PROVINCIAL LIIIFEEEE~~~~~" Ok I will try promise not to sing along.

Image from www.ticketworld.com.ph
3. Go Pro Hero 4 - 'nuff said.

4. Cash. I would really love to spend money's that not mine. Lels.

5. 3 kilos of confidence, and 5 kilos of self discipline. Willing to pay you for it... with #4.

Wow! I think this is my shortest list ever. Maybe it's because I'm such in a good mood (than usual) recently. Which is actually a good thing. The past years, October usually is depressing or indifferent to me. So yay?

I'm turning 31, and being 30 isn't really that bad. Or maybe it's the year I decided that I would love myself more, and do things that would appease me and not others. I know it's kinda late to be selfish, but heck, it's the good type of selfish IMO.

And to end this post, some of the pictures I took with my new camera. Still trying to get a hang of it but my models are awesome so I just had to share (no filters except for the first one).



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