Why I love this game

When I was a kid, my brothers (well 2 of them) and my dad were (and still are) big Ginebra fans. I remember watching it with them not understanding anything but cheering with them as what any kid would do. But everything changed when I saw him:

from interaksyon.com
Ladies and gentlemen, the player that made me love the game. I loved him first because he was cute, he's fast and because of his hail mary shots. I don't know anything about him back then (there was no wikipedia and dial up was hell) except that he graduated from UST.

I started watching the games on TV because of him. I started to learn about basketball because of him. I started to really root for Ginebra because of him. I started to hate Johnny A. because of him. I had arguments with my male classmates because of him (and other stuff). My first YM id was inspired by him. Whatever they said, the Flash will always be a great reason for me to watch a game. But he lost his touch, he started to slow down, I got busy with school, new guards for Ginebra started, we did not have time for each other anymore. I never forgot him though. Deciding on my future, he was still a factor. I chose UST.


Studying at UST introduced me to UAAP. The emotions of having a team you can call your own. My favorite player back then was Derrick Hubalde (DON'T JUDGE!). As usual, it's more on the physical side (hey, I was young). It even got to the point that I texted him when I saw him. OMG ANG KADIRI KO LANG! IT WAS JUST ONE TIME YO! He's a decent college player, kahit na panget form ng mga tira niya, pumapasok naman. But I remember loving the whole team. Jemal Vizcarra, Warren De Guzman, Nino Gelig, and Cyrus Baguio. I also looked up to Mike Cortez, Arwind Santos, Ken Bono and Ronald Tubid. Special mention Dylan Ababou, JV Casio, and Elmer "Spin Move" Espiritu kasi naabutan ko sila. LOL. I started to watch games (on TV) religiously. I finally got to understand most of the rules, calls, terms, etc. I finally became a fan of the sport. I posted on forums arguing with other people. Batang bata lang.

I also started to watch NBA because I wanted to (and not because my brothers are watching) during college. Late bloomer eh. First because it was a good conversation starter, but eventually I really enjoyed watching it. Was a Tracy McGrady fan. One reason would be.. well, his jersey # (of course because of David). I know he can be a ball hog sometimes, but I still consider him a great player (not the greatest). I also find him as an underdog among the all-stars back then. He still played under the shadow of his cousin but finally stood out when Carter got traded. I also like not so good looking guys. HEH. I liked a lot of players (Durant, Paul, Garnet, Duncan, Parker, Bibby, Kidd, Hill, Hardaway, Iverson, etc) but not really as die hard as other fans are.

I graduated and my intense fandom for the sport died down a bit. There's the usual "uy finals na" sabay leave moments, the being the only girl and newbie in the UAAP Fantasy league created by an officemate. But it's not as consistent as before. I thought I left that phase already but I started to play the sport! Late kung late. It was during our company sportsfest that I do play 3 on 3 basketball. Not that I'm boasting but I must say, not bad for someone who hasn't played the sport *wink* *wink* (well except during PE which was not that much). So every year, I have that one season of playing one of the sports I love until I did not enjoy it anymore. Too much competitiveness, to many things to do, to much weight on my knees (HEH).

But having a steady income to buy tickets, and having younger friends that watches the game somehow ignites a small spark in my heart. My "hate" for other teams died down. I don't really have a favorite player. I don't really have a favorite team... well not really, but I don't mind if they lose as long as I know they gave it their all and the game was AWESOME. I'm not good with statistics and memorizing every single event that happened. But I really enjoy watching the sport. Kahit ligang baranggay lang. Kahit yung simpleng 3 on 3 lang. The most important thing this sport has brought me? I made lots of friends because of basketball and they became some of the most important people in my life.

And it's all thanks to him <3

from spin.ph
And just because, I shall name my HTC One "Bal". <3


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